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Student and Scholar


Medical Insurance Plan

Plan Arranged by

The Harbour Group of Ohio, LLC

A NAFSA Global Partner

A comprehensive $250,000 Medical Benefit Plan designed for international students and scholars studying in the United States.

  • Meets J-1 Visa Insurance Requirements.
  • Available for individual enrollment.


Students enrolled in schools in the states of Kentucky and Maryland, USA, please click here


This plan is designed especially for International Students & Scholars while studying in the USA. In order to be eligible for the plan, you must have a current F-1, J-1 or M-1 visa, and be engaged in full-time educational activities in the United States of America. Permanent residents are not eligible to enroll in this plan. For further details, refer to the "Eligibility" section of the Brochure.


This plan is designed specifically for International Students & Scholars in the USA, and includes many important benefits: